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LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS MISSION (Day 2). Young Thlogi, a lively one-year-old who lives at Hope Park, Munsieville, was the youngest member of the team getting the centre ready for wonderful mission activities starting on Wednesday and reaching their climax on Christmas Day. He volunteered to take charge of te baubles and lights being used to decorate a giant Christmas tree to be raised high over the TloTlo Children's Sports Arena tomorrow, in a position where it can be seen from thousands of shack homes across Munsieville's informal settlement.

All but one of the buildings (the Infant Health Clinic) at Hope Park is now crammed with food hampers for families, gifts for the 500+ children expected to join the celebrations on Christmas Day, and all that is needed to offer probably the best Christmas in Munsieville's 115 year history.

More supplied and equipment are being collected from all across the province to support the mission, which is entirely focused on the good news of the birth of God's only Son. Today, tons more staple foods to include in the gift hampers; tomorrow we we will buy a generator to provide power to overcome the power outages (they call it "load shedding" in South Africa) that are a daily part of life for people in Munsieville, and scheduled to be in place at the peak of the Christmas Day celebrations!


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