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The Light Carriers

Whether it is day or night, thousands of children in Munsieville township feel the grip of darkness and fear, affecting every aspect of their lives. Some local leaders talk of a blanket of darkness lying over the entire community, locked in place by corruption, witchcraft, poverty, gang violence and endemic child abuse. Yet there is a growing number of courageous individuals and families living there who refuse to be intimidated or paralysed by fear; people whose trust is in Jesus, the “Light of the World”. They are determined, true twenty-first century disciples of Jesus, to punch holes through that demonic blanket, so that shafts of liberating light shine through, banishing despair and bringing hope.

These brave people need support – those who will come alongside them in that front-line gospel work. Mobilising  hundreds of volunteers from the UK and South Africa to do just that, is a central part of our strategy for the next five years. Maybe God is calling you to join one of our Transform Missions, to give you an experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life, at the same time as helping children who are facing challenges to their futures every day.

Our volunteer placements are not about sending ill-equipped teams to “save the world”. Firstly, we insist on serious preparation, and secondly, it’s all about shared learning experiences. Score of past volunteers – some with tears of gratitude and joy – have told us that they received far more back into their own lives that they were able to give to those they went to serve.

TRANSFORM MISSIONS are all about “being GOOD NEWS” to the community and there are two core components to our mission, working in close harmony together. Firstly, practical acts of mercy, to help relieve the suffering of children and families. And those acts of mercy are given purely on the basis of love and compassion – NOT to “earn the right to preach to them”, which we regard as manipulation. Secondly, we will, wherever possible, share the good news of Jesus with anyone who wants to listen without any form of coercion or inducement.

If you would like to know more about volunteering with Root and Branch Change and want an informal chat with one of our leaders, please email your contact details to


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