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Unending Vigilance

Root and Branch Change is deeply committed to the highest standards of care for the vulnerable children and families with whom we work, and also for those who volunteer or work with the organisation, and indeed, everyone connected with us in any way. For us, safeguarding is not just a box-ticking exercise, but part of our DNA. It is not a static task to be undertaken, but embedded in our culture, leading to unending vigilance in an ever-changing world where new threats are emerging every day.

Safeguarding is a standing agenda item for all meetings of our trustees and is a central part of every planning and monitoring process, so our procedures are constantly adapting to tackle emerging threats. But we are not perfect, and are constantly seeking to improve all processes, particularly relating to the safety and protection of children who have come to us for help at a time in their lives when they are in serious crisis. We will not rest until we know that every possible measure has been taken to ensure that every service and engagement in which we are involved is undertaken with honesty, transparency and an absence of anything that has the potential to add to the challenges they have already experienced.


We have a range of policies that are currently available and which are under constant review, some of which are available to download below.

RBC Safeguarding Policy

RBC Working Abroad Policy

RBC Whistle Blowing Policy

We have an independent whistle blowing and disclosure service which can be contacted below:

For further information, please email

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