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Experience and Impact

A brand-new charity, but with decades of experience

Root and branch Change is new, but the people behind it have huge experience as strategic change makers, with a massive network of trusted partners and collaborators in Munsieville and the surrounding area in South Africa, as well as in the evangelical church scene in the UK.

Executive Chairman, Paul Brooks, started work in Munsieville as the leader of another highly respected NGO* in 2009, pioneering innovative, multi-level public health initiatives to reverse tragically low life expectancy amongst shack-dwelling children and teenagers beset by poverty, lack of access to healthcare, malnutrition, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Before that, he had been the founding director of a frontline Christian ministry working amongst survivors of war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, following leadership roles in a national Christian youth organisation and in a London-based charity supporting homeless teenagers and child survivors of extreme sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.

All trustees and special advisers have several years of experience in leading transformational activities to support children and families in Munsieville, leading strategic short-term international mission assignments in the township, and developing vital facilities to support children, as well as leading Christian ministries in churches in the UK. 

With a combined involvement with the Munsieville community of over twenty-seven years, our leadership team has gained an acute understanding of the challenges faced by children.  We have earned a high level of trust, essential to making things happen in an environment where suspicion and cynicism have been fuelled by over a century of broken promises. We also have a vast network of connections in local government, NGOs, churches, the local business community and, most important of all, the incredibly resilient residents of the township, who, when equipped, will always be the most effective change-makers.

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Root and Branch Change has been established to work alongside all the wonderful agencies and individuals which are committed to making Munsieville the best possible place to raise a child. We support them all in every way possible, whilst focussing our best efforts on two parallel and currently underserved priorities.

Firstly, to develop a brave new service to catch desperately needy children who slip through all existing safety nets in the community – children with complex needs who present challenges that are simply not being served by others. We believe there is a special place in the heart of Jesus for such children.

Secondly, we exist to develop and lead creative, Bible-inspired discipleship models in the UK and in South Africa, so that Christians discover the thrill of obeying Jesus in every aspect of their lives, especially the last command made to his disciples – the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20).

*Project HOPE UK

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