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Our Values and Beliefs

Root and Branch Change is undergirded by a set of values that shape our actions, and beliefs that inspire them.

Here are the main points:


We are a Christian, faith-driven organisation, seeking to follow the teaching and instruction of Jesus Christ in all we do, at the same time as serving all people equally, irrespective of their faith systems.


We are made in God’s image and that means there is absolutely no room for discrimination of any kind. That means that participation in our activities and opportunities, and the delivery of services will be available to all – zero discrimination on grounds of race, colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation. Jesus loves everyone and we are determined to follow his lead.

We also believe that every man, woman and child on earth is wired to make the world a better place and are eager to work with all who share that belief.


We believe in the Kingdom of God as described by Jesus Christ in the Gospels. As Christians, we accept that as followers of Jesus, we have a responsibility to pray, in the words of Jesus, “Your will be done, on earth as in heaven”, and to continue his ministry of proclaiming “good news to the poor …. freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free” Luke 4:18.


As people who are committed to be followers of Jesus and to obeying his teaching and instructions, we seek to align ourselves with what Christians call “The Great Commission” (Matthew 28: 18-20) – it was Jesus’ final instruction to his people whilst on earth. Going to serve people in foreign countries is of course part of the deal, but the heart of the commission is the commandment to “make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded ….”. Discipleship is a key, essential part of what we do – starting with our trustees and leaders. In simple language, it means obeying everything Jesus commands us to do and to be. Then it extends out to our volunteers and partners, and to those we serve wherever they may be. This is completely non-coercive, and never a condition of any service offered to our beneficiaries; we just believe that the greatest gift we can ever offer to anyone is the gift of knowing Jesus and being supported in the journey to total committed to his kingdom.


Our world is precious and, just as we all have both the responsibility and the resources to enhance each other’s lives, so we share the responsibility for the environment. This means that wherever possible, we seek to act in a responsible way in regard to minimising negative impacts on our environment. This applies to the products and services available through our online store, to the supplies we purchase to run the charity, and to travel. We work in South Africa and have to travel there frequently. However, we are committed to travelling only with carriers with the most carbon-efficient fleets, at the same time as fully offsetting the carbon footprint for our flights by contributing to recognised environmental projects that help people in poorer communities access cleaner, safer and more affordable energy, as they reduce their carbon emissions.


That’s good old-fashioned Bible talk for integrity and transparency. We aim to keep short accounts with our customers, partners, suppliers, beneficiaries, volunteers and the general public. To this end, we will ensure scrupulous accounting of all funds and resources, regular published reports and report-back meetings.


Root and Branch Change has adopted the Lausanne Covenant as its Statement of Faith.
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