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Transform Missions

Reaching out beyond our borders

We believe that every resident of Munsieville township, Gauteng Province, South Africa has an unalienable right to experience the overwhelming love of God and to hear, in a way they can understand, the good news of what Jesus achieved for them on the cross, and of the cosmos-changing message of hope declared when he rose from the dead.


Okay, that's what we believe, so what are we doing about it?

Transform Christmas 2022
TRANSFORM MISSION 2024: Munsieville

8 - 22 July 2024: Thirty-one young people and leaders from the UK. More from Krugersdorp SA. Joining forces with the youth of Munsieville township to transform the face of youthwork for years to come!

Ever since the first residents of Munsieville set up homes in the fields close to Krugersdorp at the beginning of the twentieth century, the community's young residents have become used to being overlooked and under-resourced. The sprawling informal settlement of Mshenguville, where thousands of people live in make-shift shacks with dirt floors and no water or sanitation, has ever had a dedicated youth space  - and until a few weeks ago, no-one ever expected that to change. Our mission partner, Project HOPE UK, managed to get a modest donation and started to level the mountainside overlooking the poorest section of Munsieville, and a purpose-build youth hub has steadily emerged. 

Over a year before, young people from churches in Chesham, UK, supported by Root and Branch Change, started dreaming about joining their peers in Munsieville to help transform the face of youth work in the township. From 8-22 July 2024, the dream becomes a reality as faith finds expression in sacrificial action. Their challenge in week one - to take this bare building and use their God-given creativity to provide an outstanding base for ongoing youth ministry - taking bricks and mortar and making it sparkle as a beacon of hope that sends a message to the whole community that says "young people from this township deserve the best because God loves them. 

Throughout the mission, our Facebook page will have daily updates pictures, interviews and reports so you can the transformation taking place. 

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Munsieville goes to sleep at Christmas. It's the hottest time of the year and those who can, escape from the township to the villages or rural areas of their ancestors. Those who remain include the poorest of the poor. Those trapped by poverty spend the festive season in their sweltering shack homes. There's nothing to do, no services in operation, and very likely, nothing to eat and no gifts for the children. Worst of all, few have any idea of what the season is all about. They are living in this world, without God and without hope, and that just has to change!

But that will change at Christmas 2022. Transform Christmas will see a range of events for children and families in the week up to Christmas, and then, on Christmas Day, hundreds of the most destitute children from the township will enjoy a glittering presentation of the Advent story, followed by a banquet, where each of them will be a guest of honour. When they leave in the early afternoon, they will take away a wonderful gift for them to give to their family - a meal for ALL the family, health-related gifts, treats for the children and Bible portions in their own language.


TRANSFORM CHRISTMAS will also be a signpost event, pointing to something much bigger at Easter - TRANSFORM LIFE - a week-long mission for all the township, in collaboration with local churches. It will start with a bold, colourful celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, followed by six days of activities to explain the impact and implications of the resurrection to people living in poverty and fear in South Africa's oldest, undeveloped township (see below).

Leaders from our UK team will be in Munsieville from 13 December, and will work alongside local churches and partners, in all activities and particularly the climax of the mission on Christmas Day. Flights and accommodation are now pretty well sold out, making it difficult for additional UK-based volunteers, but if you are within traveling distance of the West Rand in South Africa, and would like to join this special initiative, please contact us on

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