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Munsieville township is witnessing a mass exodus - hundreds more people left today for to make the long journey back to their tribal homelands in neighbouring countries and rural areas in South Africa.

The family pictured here leaving Munsieville this afternoon is typical of many, loaded up to the sky with luggage, chickens, carrots, pots, pans, children, grannies, and even furniture that could be useful to their hosts, or vulnerable to theft if left behind!

For those unable to make the long journey home, churches and charities are joining Root and Branch Change to have a massive gospel event, celebrating that moment in history when the world changed forever, and the Son of God was born!

Tonight, as a symbol of Christmas, and Light in the Darkness, the lights on the tree high above our mission venue in Munsieville were turned on, thrilling excited children, and serving as a beacon to thousands of families that live in shacks surrounding our base at Hope Park.


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