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Eager anticipation - Christmas like never before in Munsieville

Christmas past for children in Munsieville was a time to dread. All vital services closed, nothing to eat, people all around celebrating and giving gifts, but nothing for them. Even churches packed with worshippers but no-one stopping by to share the Good News with of the birth of God's son.

But Christmas 2022 will be different! In the week before the big day, there will be special events for all the township's children. On Christmas Day, Root and Branch Change will be working with churches to bring the biggest celebration ever seen in Munsieville. Joyous music, dramatic depiction of the Christmas story, a banquet for 500 of the poorest children, gifts for them all, and Christmas hampers for them to take back home so everyone can have a special celebratory meal.

Donate today to bring GOOD NEWS to forgotten children in Munsieville


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