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Growing Volunteers

We just love it when volunteers come to our charity plant nursery to use their God-given creativity in developing beautiful gardens, at the nursery itself and at the homes of our incredible customers!

It thrills us to bits when young children turn up, often working without complaint for hours on end, to transform a meadow into a gorgeous community space, sometimes digging holes in the ground and planting hardy perennials for the first time in their lives as they watch with fascination as bugs and worms busy themselves to keep nature in balance. And often, leaving at the end of the day, tired and happy, having caught the gardening bug!

We're equally delighted when older people - some in the eighties - come to spend a few hours, bringing whatever experience they have to help produce top quality garden plants that are sold to save young lives in South Africa's darkest corners.

There's a place for everyone at our new nursery, part of the emerging "House of Tree" Community Garden and Arts Centre in Ashley Green Road, Chesham - artists, garden enthusiasts, those who'd love to become a garden enthusiast, marketeers, schools, churches. Get in touch to find out more:


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