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Today was our second big preparation day at the TloTlo Arena, Munsieville, ahead of the pre-Christmas Children’s Holiday Club starting tomorrow - and my, was it exciting!

The venue team were busy decorating the arena, and children were busy perfecting their dance moves when BANG - the king of storms erupted!

Everyone dashed for cover and some of the children locked themselves in the arena’s changing roomed - and had to be rescued!!

Meanwhile the creative team continued the final planning meeting for Christmas Day - with somewhat raised voices, not because of disagreement, but due to the deafening thunder and hail on the tin roof.

Wishing 30 minutes, peace and goodwill returned and arrangements to proclaim God’s Reign over Munsieville resumed, along with prayers that the rain will stay away until after 25th December.

The venue team continued their work to beautify our mini stadium, and children looking on beamed with excited anticipation.

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