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As night falls over Munsieville on Christmas Eve, the exhausted team is leaving the TloTlo Arena, happy that all the preparations have been completed and THE TABLE IS LAID, ready for the most exciting and meaningful Christmas ever in South Africa’s oldest undeveloped township.

At 8am tomorrow, hundreds of children will flood into the grounds for breakfast, followed by praise, worship and celebrations the like of which have rarely been seen since the angels first exploded with joy as they announced the birth of Jesus!

Santa was mobbed today when he and an enthusiastic team of young people toured all sections of Munsieville to invite children to the big event tomorrow, which will end with a banquet, gifts, and a much better understanding of the massive significance of Christmas.

The weather is set fair, the power generating company has promised no power cuts, and the TABLE FOR HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN IS READY.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and leave you with a link to a fabulous song, to bless your socks off!


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