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Actually, Hope Park Children’s Health Campus in Munsieville, nr. Johannesburg, operated by our partners, The Thoughtful Path Munsieville, has many trees now, although eight years ago, when we first started work at the site, there were none - just a filthy wasteland used as a rubbish dump, snakes, rats and stray dogs. Today, it’s a beautiful oasis, full of life, shaded by luscious palms.

Today, two trees in particular caught the interest of hundreds of children at the holiday club that’s a vital part of the LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS MISSION.

Firstly, there was great excitement as a three meter Christmas tree was decorated to be hoisted high above the township, to be turned on tomorrow to announce the coming of the Light of the World, celebrated on Christmas Day.

A second tree featured in carefully delivered talks and creative activities at the children’s holiday club - the tree of Calvary, on which God’s only son died so that all who believe in him can have an abundant life that starts now and lasts forever.

Now that’s a gift no-one should reject.


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