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Flowers for Weddings and other life events

It’s the little things that make the difference

You will notice a whole heap of differences with the Root and Branch Change Life Event Flower Service - differences we think you will like, and differences that flow from thoughtfulness about our environment and you pocket!

We don’t believe that flowers for special events should cost the earth. Our prices don’t escalate as soon as you mention the word “wedding” or other life event. And our approach means our fragile planet is protected as carbon emission is cut to a minimum.


We do everything we can to source flowers as locally as possible, and will, wherever possible, use beautiful blooms in season.

We think you will agree with us, that importing peonies from Kenya in December isn’t ideal at a time when climate change is threatening livelihoods across Africa and elsewhere. But the good news is that by planning carefully, we can help you select gloriously colourful flowers grown responsibly much closer to home.

And creating spectacular results for your event in this way can save you money compared with the prices you can expect to pay to a conventional, full service florist.

What makes it even better is that every penny we make from providing this service is used to help rescue and care for abandoned, abused and neglected children in South Africa’s poverty-stricken townships!

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A unique bespoke flower
service that helps:
  • save money
  • save the environment
  • save lives
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We recognise that your special life event is all about the people, not the flowers, music, refreshments or buildings. These things are all important, but their role must be to enhance the occasion and honour the people at the heart of the gathering.

By working closely with the organisers, we are able to provide beautiful floral arrangements that reflect the values and personalities of the people at the centre of the occasion.

We’ll help create a stunning backdrop to focus attention on the happy couple.

Floral tributes that honour and celebrate the life of a loved and cherished family member.

Special occasions deserve added beauty.

Contact us by email for full details and a free, no-obligation consultation

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