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Santa agrees to visit flooded Munsieville!

Santa Claus popped across to Chesham last week for a meeting with Paul and Sue Brooks, regarding logistical challenges to the delivery of gifts for hundreds of children in Munsieville township, near Johannesburg, following heavy storms that have washed away roads, making access extremely difficult. Another concern for Santa is the reality that few shack homes have a chimney!

However, the good news is that Father Christmas has now agreed to distribute gifts in person, to hundreds of children at the TloTlo Arena, the children's sports facility run by our partner, The Thoughtful Path Munsieville, as part of the Root and Branch Change LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS Christmas Mission on Christmas Day.

To guarantee that things go without a hitch, Root and Branch Change Chairman, Paul Brooks, and Special Advisor, Anette von Block-Schlesier, will be in the arena on Christmas Day, and in the days running up to the big celebration of the birth of Jesus.


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