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With the LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS CHRISTMAS MISSION in Munsieville township about to start, it seemed appropriate to kick things off by joining with one of our closest mission partners at their morning services today.

Renewal Ministries Fellowship is one of the largest churches in Munsieville township and certainly one of the most outward looking. They have existed well over thirty years without a permanent place to call home. After many years of putting people ahead of buildings, meeting in a marquee that has seen better days, they are currently building a new church centre for service and outreach to the community.

Today, Root and Branch Change Chairman, Paul Brooks, preached at the church's two main services, on the text from Ezekiel 47: 1-12, which describes the prophet Ezekiel's vision of a river of life flowing from the sanctuary.

"This is an awesome church," says Paul, "which has been one of our closest partners for over four years, marching with us to bring hope, healing and transformation to the Munsieville community. It was an amazing privilege to proclaim the gospel of Christ in the church today, as a springboard for the mission being rolled out this week and reaching a climax on Christmas Day."


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